• Jail TV Management

    Finally, an integrated system to manage what inmates watch and provide service and program information, alert updates in real time, plus much more.
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    The Law Enforcement & Corrections Training Network - a consortium of training materials, both shared and internal use only.
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  • Jail TV Control
  • Law Enforcement Corrections Training (LECTN)

Jail TV Management by Dolphinio's Corrections Network

Jail-TV allows you to take control of your inmate TV programming, coupled with the ability to push information to the inmates about services and programs that are available to them while in custody and when they return to society. A crawl message allows you to communicate jail management information in real-time.  


Law Enforcement & Corrections Training Network

Training is an essential part of keeping the staff safe, informed, and ready to perform their duties. Requirements for training are growing and budgets for obtaining that training are dwindling. LECTN is designed to provide a flexible training platform that can deliver training to staff when and where it is needed, reducing travel expenses and overtime normally associated with meeting training requirements.  

Use your own training materials on a closed network or subscribe to the repository of sanctioned training materials from the DOJ, NIC, DPSST, or choose from materials other facilities have chosen to share. 


Dolphinio Featured in Tech Beat Article

Delivering new capabilities and fulfilling requirements of the organization by directly serving the inmates' entertainment and information needs. 

This article is a great expression of some of the value that Corrections Network delivered for Lincoln County Corrections and the Lincoln County Sherif, Dennis Dotson. Inmate Welfare resources appropriately applied to solving fundamental challenges for corrections.

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Jail-TV Featured in Yamhill County News

Jail Command, Ron Huber, fulfills his 10-year vision for television management and communication at Yamhill County Corrections in McMinnville, Oregon. 

Sheriff Jack Crabtree partnered with the Jail Commander and staff to bring the latest in jail communication and inmate TV management to Yamhill County Corrections. Communication with inmates through the TV is important with staffing level challenges.

Inmates watch TV. Now they will also see what they need to see on the screen while watching what they want. PREA for men and women, in Spanish and English, are now played on schedule. Health and safety videos play at prescribes times too. The information about the resources that inmates have access to when they are released is always on the screen when they watch the reduced number of Cable TV channels we allow in.

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Integration with Existing Systems

Dolphinio bridges the gap between systems.


Dolphinio works to build the bridges between systems to deliver information to the digital signage viewer that is specific to their use and their needs. The interfaces are also constructed to serve only those elements that apply to the interface user, reducing the "noise" of the rest of the system that does not apply to them.

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Lobby Displays

Pre-condition your visitors with information while they wait.

Waiting is an inevitable part of our every day life. Take this opportunity to communicate information to them that better prepares them for their visit with you. Whether it is rules, laws, expectations, or a way to communicate your mission or philosophy, you can combine video, images, and text crawls that can be dynamically changed by you or your staff to keep the information fresh, relevant, and up-to-date.

Digital Signage in Action

  • Managed content and message delivery
  • Positive messaging when TV is idle for lights out.